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Nichole Sutton

Bret C.


Nichole demonstrated exceptional hospitality, and was able to bring a joyful atmosphere in every situation. If she moved back to Lewiston, I would hire her immediately to tend to the needs of my clients.

Why Fly With Me?

As a private jet cabin attendant, I am dedicated to curating unparalleled luxury experiences for my clients. With a passion for creating individualized experiences for my guests, my mission is to elevate every flight by carefully crafting unforgettable service with a personal touch, ensuring my clients arrive not just at their destination but have a memory to last a lifetime.

What My Clients Experience...

Before the Flight

Prior to the flight I will begin preparing a curated menu, specific to your requests and dietary needs. I will source from local patisseries, specialty stores, and markets to ensure freshness and quality. I will also begin preparing an in-flight experience that will be sure to wow, specific to your preferences.

During the Flight

During the flight you will experience a service that is individualized to you! Longing for a quiet ambiance and favorite cocktail to suit the relaxation you so desperately need after your business meetings? What about a family centered, Hawaiian themed flight on your way to vacation? Regardless of your needs, I will be there to ensure the most memorable flight.

After the Flight

Once you've departed your flight, you will leave with a lasting memory of what it is like to be catered to and nurtured, reminded that you deserve the highest level of service on every occasion, feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

About Nichole

Enthusiastic and highly motivated professional flight attendant with a dedicated work ethic. Self starting,  detail- oriented, and excellent time management and organizational skills. Thrives in high paced settings and recognized for developing lasting rapport and critical trust with guests.  Proven to personalize an experience for the private jet traveler that will leave a memorable impression.

Training & Qualifications

  • General Emergency Crewmember- PART 135.331

  • G550 Training

  • Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

  • ServSafe Food Safety and Handling

  • In-Flight Service Training

  • SkyAngels Hospitality & Etiquette Training

  • SkyAngels In-Flight Culinary Training

Why My Clients Recommend

Flying With Me

Learn what makes your in-flight experience with Nichole so memorable.



Copy and paste a testimonial here from one of your former clients about how helpful your service was



Copy and paste a testimonial here from one of your former clients about how helpful your service was



Copy and paste a testimonial here from one of your former clients about how helpful your service was

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you use catering companies?

I prefer to source all of my own catering from local patisseries, restaurants, and specialty stores to ensure quality and complete control of the food I am serving on board, to curate specialty menus that are sure to please. I also want to ensure my guests are receiving better quality for every dollar spent. I will only use catering companies at last resort.

What is your availability?

Please use the 'Fly With Me' button and I am happy to connect with you regarding my availability.

What is Your Pricing?

Please reach out to me in the 'Fly With Me' tab and I am happy to work out a price that suits your needs!

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